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Concept by: Mark Thome

The GPS (in a small, clear housing) is deployed and gains signal then is pulled down to read data. The gps always points back to the boat, but also allows the diver to mark points of interest for future dives. As the diver pulls the GPS back down the flag takes up the slack line easier than reeling down with a reel. A"low drag" flag design is used.

Padding is used to ensure that the gps unit does not activate various switches a compass is mounted atop the unit for ease of use. A plastic dive slate (cut to size) is affixed to one side and the pencil is a carpenter's "flat" type with "velcro".

Great for snorkeling, diving or emergency floatation in tandem with the GPS concept this works with ease!

Mark Thome's concept was featured in the Underwater Magazine a publication well known in the commercial and military dive industry.

The Magellan 315 or 320 are great choices for this concept and are very inexpensive. People are amazingly "jaded" to the wonders of technology today don't be complacent! Be one of the few divers on this planet to dive with GPS!

Only the most avid diver would use "diver gps" but they are often the most set in their ways and not open to much that is new.

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